Riich Models 1/35 Livestock Set Vol 1
KIT #: RV 35007
PRICE: $17.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Eleven figures

This particular set by Riich Models is not exactly what many think of when they conjure up a figure set. However, these sorts of things were very much a part of the landscape, especially in Europe and so it only makes sense that one would be provided.

It is obviously a farm set and includes a total of eleven figures. There is a collie, a cat, ram, ewe and lamb. There is also a sow with five piglets. All of the figures aside from the cat are in right and left sides. The collie has a separate tongue and the ram a separate horn piece. The cat has a full body with a separate head.

Assembly instructions and a painting guide are on the back of the box. No FS 595 standard color chart is provided. In all, an interesting and unusual set.

February 2013

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