Riich Models 1/35 "WWII Commonwealth Weapons Set B"
KIT #: RV 30011
PRICE: $18.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

This is the second Commonwealth Weapons set from Riich. It fills in what was not included in the previous set with mostly large items. This time, we have a pair of Bren guns, one on a lower tripod mount and one on what I'd call an anti-aircraft mount. There is also what looks to be a water cooled Vickers machine gun. The set is rounded out with a variety of Enfield rifles and you get multiples of them. Ammo boxes are also included in the set.

There is a full painting guide on the back of the box that includes paints from Hobby Color, Mr. Color, Humbrol and Tamiya. In all, an interesting and unusual set.

December 2013

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