Kit: Pirate girl

Scale: 80mm

Kit Number: BX 21

Manufacturer: Phoenix

Price: $24.95

Media: White metal

Decals :none

Accuracy: yes

Overall: see review

Comments: When I first saw the Phoenix white metal female figurines, I was attracted to them because they were so sensual. I bought a few of them but was afraid to build one of them because of all the flesh. Painting people is a lot different from doing aircraft. There is subtlety in skin tones that requires lots of patience and work. A friend suggested that I not do a European, but an African instead as skin tones are a bit closer together and mistakes are not as noticeable.

I took her advice and did this one as a black woman with red hair, a combination that is not uncommon in the Caribbean. It turned out very well indeed. Her pirate hat is black with silver edges and crossbones. The open tunic is two shades of blue with silver buttons. Her red hair is tied back with a yellow bow. She has black knee-high boots and a yellow thong. Her foot is propped up against a closed chest made to look like wood using several shaded of brown with brass trim. In her left hand she is holding a flintlock pistol.

The kit required some filing to remove mold lines. It was then polished using several grades of sandpaper and steel wool. I used Floquil white undercoat paint for figures. The paint is a mixture of several different types; some acrylic and some enamel. The pros use oils and acrylics for canvas, but I have not had any luck with that. The only disadvantage with model paint is that it dries too quickly for good blending. I did use several washes and some dry brushing to bring out details, but nothing more than I do with every kit.

Overall, it is quite an enjoyable kit to make. No matter how you look at her, the view is pleasing!

These kits are not for children due to their adult subject material, but Phoenix as well as others do make a huge selection of military and fantasy types. Try one for something different.

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