Moebius 1/8 Catwoman

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: New tool

Catwoman is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. The character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and she made her debut in Batman #1 (Spring 1940), in which she is known as "the Cat". Catwoman has traditionally been portrayed as a supervillain and adversary of Batman, but since the 1990s, she has been featured in an eponymous series that depicts her as an antiheroine rather than a traditional villain. Catwoman is known for having a complex love-hate relationship with Batman and has been Batman's most enduring love interest.


My understanding is that this is a new tool kit, and not something done previously by Aurora. Regardless, the molding is actually quite nice and the kit is provided on a rather large number of sprues. It is molded in black plastic, undoubtedly to enhance painting and is divided into several sub assemblies.

These sections seem to be pretty standard for plastic figure kits with separate arms, legs, torso and head, each section comprising at least and front and rear piece. The kit does provide options, one of them being a mask. The other is the decision on weapons. The box art shows a whip and this is one of the options. The other is the catatonic pistols. You are provided separate lower right arms depending on the weapon being used. You can also open holes in the two piece belt and attach a pair of pistols to the belt.

The kit comes with a rock base in case you wish to pose your figure with this item. Actually, you'll need to have something for her to put her right foot upon as that leg is posed raised. Two cat statues are also included in the box.

Instructions are well done and painting should be pretty easy as most of the figure will be in black. Instructions offer quite a few suggestions during the build so these should be useful.  


The first steps all involve gluing together sub-assemblies. This means the hair parts, left arm, upper and lower right arms, legs and torso. I decided to use the right arm that hold the whip rather than the one with the gun. The pins and sockets on all the parts are very large and while the parts do fit well, all the seams needed filler of some sort as one simply cannot eliminate the hairline seams.

The kit makers took some liberty with the cat suit on this. If you look at photos from the TV show, you'll see that the suit is not a smooth leather surface, but one that is quite heavily detailed. Undoubtedly to allow the actress to have more flexibility and to allow her skin to breathe. While more slinky, leather would be very hot after a very short period of time. Anyway, this smooth surface makes the inevitable sanding much easier to deal with as there is no detail to be lost. Well, almost no detail and one will have to replace any folds sanded away. I used a set of micro files to accomplish this.

Once all the appendages were ready, I started attaching them. The attachment points are quite positive and actually rather cleverly designed. They don't eliminate seams, but do make for a solid fit. I attached all but the left arm. The left arm has a hand piece that fits on the end of it. This is a bit difficult to clean up, but with time can be done. Do not remove the claws on the end of the hand as they are supposed to be there. I also found that this needed to be installed after the belt was painted and attached, Fortunately, the suit is pretty much the same shade so doing filler work after much of this has been painted will not be an issue.

With most of the figure built, it was given a coat of grey primer to check for any areas that might have been missed. The stand was also primered at this time. I built up the cat statues and primered them as well. The seams on the inside of these are nearly impossible to reach so I did not bother. The statues were painted using Model Master enamel gold.

For the main figure, I used Tamiya semi-gloss black. The figure is supposed to be in skin tight leather or latex so this seemed appropriate. I used a brown for the hair from the Badger acrylic range. Also from that range was the flesh for the face. On the whip I used a reddish brown I had mixed up for a previous project and painted the handle with Vallejo leather. The belt was painted with the gold and once dry was installed. There is practically no gap where her hand covers the belt, but on the other side the gap is considerable. That was carefully filled, detail rescribed and the area brush painted. I also brush painted her pendant. After some careful masking of the belt, I attached the left arm and dealt with the seam.

With all that done, the face was painted using a variety of colors. I'm not good at all that shading that the masters can do. What I see from others of a similar skill level as I often look grotesque so I did no face shading, letting natural light do its trick. Just like it does with real people.

The whip was glued in place and I had to position bits around it to keep it in place. It cannot be posed as shown on the box art. The statues were glued on the base and I used a drop of white glue to hold her mask in place. A bit of dark wash followed by some dry brushing with khaki was done on the hair. I then simply snapped the head in place and attached the figure to the base. 


Typical of Moebius kits, it fits fairly well and is a bit pricey. While the kit itself is a tad more subdued in terms of 'attributes' than shown on the box top image, fans of the television show and those who like plastic figures such as this one will not be disappointed. The smoother kit outfit makes filling seams a lot easier and while purists may be aghast at this change, I think it is a rather positive move for builders. Those more into the required 'weathering' of figures will find ample opportunity for this while the rest of us will have a nice addition to our TV/Movie character line-up.


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May 2016


Thanks to me for picking this one up.

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