MiniArt 1/35 Diorama with Normandy House

KIT #: 36021
PRICE: 7.65 from
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Vacuformed and injected plastic

This latest diorama kit from MiniArt of Ukraine is everything we have come to expect in these fine diorama kits. The main portion of the kit, base and buildings, are made of thick vacuformed plastic. One simply cuts or scribes along the edges of the plastic and then snaps off the excess. One then cuts out the windows and door areas. A bit of sanding to even things up and these parts can be built just like any standard styrene kit.

In fact, the kit comes with an assortment of styrene detail parts. These include lamp posts, windows, doorways and gutters. The vacuformed plastic is superbly molded and will build the corner house with attached shed and a small stone wall as shown on the box art.

A single page instruction sheet is included that has well done illustrations showing the 16 construction steps needed to complete the kit. This sheet also has a layout of the injected parts used. No painting instructions or color references are supplied, but none are really needed as all of that can be gleaned from the box illustration. Dragon USA likes to spice things up a bit and so includes older figure sets with these kits. In this one, is set 6120; US Infantry, 2nd ID, Normandy 1944. In with the figures is a painting and construction sheet so you don't have to guess at those!

A fine diorama base with figures that will surely find some interest to many of you, especially those who are doing subjects post D-Day. Tree not included.

May 2009

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