MiniArt 1/35 Village Road with Ruined House

KIT #: 36020
PRICE: $35.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Vacuformed basics with injected plastic detail bits

Next in their growing line of Diorama Bases, this MiniArt set has a corner section of a house, a small piece of wall with sign and a well travelled road in between the two. In fact, from the look of things, it is a 'T' crossing. In line with their other diorama kits, the majority of the parts are constructed from thick, dark grey vacuformed plastic. This material ensures that the structures will be light and still allowed to show a great deal of detail. As good as you'd see in most totally injected plastic kits.

The set comes with two injected plastic sprues for the detail pieces like signs, doors, windows and the like. These sprues are likely ones you have seen before as MiniArt produces some generic sprues and you use what bits are needed for the project at hand. This has the benefit of providing you with a goodly number of spare bits for other projects. I was particularly impressed with the detailing of the road section as it includes tank track marks as well as the usual wheel impressions. There are assembly instructions included though painting will have to be done using the box art as inspiration. In the US, Dragon USA includes a set of figures to provide additional value. In this kit is set 6111, Panzergrenadiers from the Panzer Lehr division in 1944.

Overall, another fine diorama setting and one that can easily help you overcome 'vacufobia' as the pieces are quite easy to cut out and glue.

Thanks to for the preview kit. Get yours today at your local shop or on-line retailer.

April 2009

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