MiniArt's 1/35 Infantry in the City

KIT #: 36014
PRICE: $39.00 MSRP
DECALS: None provided or needed
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Vacuform and injected plastic. Includes figure set


MiniArt has built up a deserved reputation for these neat diorama bases and scenes. They have basically taken thick vacuformed plastic parts for the base and building, and combined that with injected plastic pieces for all the detail work like window frames, doors, fences, guttering and the like.

This particular set is about as simple as one can get. There is a brick street base with some rubble where the inside of the house would be. Then the inner and outer walls of the corner of a house. These are the parts molded in vacuformed plastic. One simply cuts out the sections along with the window areas, and cements them together using standard glues. There are two of MiniArts many generic 'house pieces' sprues to provide any other bits that are needed. I should mention that several of the large pieces, like the door and window shutters, have ejector pin circles on them that will need to be removed or hidden from sight during construction.

To add some life to things, there is a set of Dragon Russian soldier figures, set 35044 to be exact, included with the kit. These five figures can then be placed walking by the damaged house.

MiniArt provides instructions with nicely done illustrations. There is also a section on painting the figures. The box art can be used to help get the house and street colors just right.


A very nice beginner's diorama set or one that can be used by more experienced builders and perhaps enhanced with other kits to provide a busier scene.

November 2008

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