MiniArt 1/35 French Street

KIT: MiniArt 1/35 French Street
KIT #: 36006
PRICE: $75.00 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Injected plastic and vacuformed plastic diorama base


Those of you who have had the pleasure of building one of Mini-Art's superb diorama bases will realize not only how nice they are, but how much they really add to your military diorama. Molded in grey injected plastic and thick vacuformed plastic, this particular kit provides a very nice street scene with two damaged buildings, a well done brick street and a lot of injected plastic detail parts. Dragon even adds in a set of figures, this one being set 6169: Volksgrenadiers from 1944.

There are over 10 thick, vacuform sheets for the road, building walls, roof and some detritus (mostly bricks). Six injected plastic sprues are provided for doors, windows, downspouts, street lamps and gutters. As these are from generic sprues used on a variety of MiniArt building diorama bases, you'll have a number of items that won't be used with this kit that can be used on others.

Instructions are well done and while basic, they provide all you need to construct the kit. Drawings are also very nicely done, showing any deviations or additional cutting needed to get the results you need. No painting guide is given, though you can use the box art for inspiration. The set also does not provide decals, however, it does give you a very nicely printed slick paper section with signs of various types that can be used.


This is the most ambitious one of these diorama settings I've yet seen. Just building it will be a project in itself and the end result will be a superlative showcase for your next armor or softskin project. Having the figures as well is just a bonus.

My thanks to for the preview set. You can get this today at your local shop or have them order it for  you.

June 2008

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