MiniArt 1/35 Ruined Village House

KIT #: 35520
PRICE: $27.50 HSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Vacuform and injected plastic


This is another of MiniArt's fine diorama pieces. This time it is just the front and a small section of the side of a house. No base and with only four pieces of vac plastic to cut and assemble, should be an excellent project. The vac plastic is good and thick to make it easy to cement. There are enough parts on the plastic sprues to not only complete this project, but also to add to your spares bins. As you might guess, these are common sprues.

Dragon also likes to include a set of figures to increase the value of the kit and this time has added in set 6171 'Cross of Iron' an eastern front 1944 set of four figures.

Instructions are on a single sheet with one side having a parts layout and the other the building instructions. No painting information is provided but the box art is a good reference. The figure set does include both painting and assembly instructions on a section of box card.


Overall, this is a great diorama set, especially for the beginner. There vac plastic is thick and easy to glue and the minimal parts count will get one used to working with the material without going into trauma. If you have never done one of these, give it a try.

January 2009

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