MiniArt 1/35 British Armored Car Crew

KIT #: 35069
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Set includes five figures

So you just bought a nice Staghound armored car kit and you are briskly assembling away when you realize it is missing something. That something is a crew. Well now you have one as MiniArt has just released a fine set of five figures for this or any other British/Commonwealth armored car. The figures are in various poses and looks like some could be placed outside the vehicle. Bronco provides complete painting details on the back of the box with a numerous array of paint companies listed. One builds these things using the back of the box as well for the painting guide shows where the parts are to go.

I can't leave this set without commenting on the driver. I've not seen such intensity in a figure in a long time. It is almost as if he is driving in a race of some sort as he is all hunched over the wheel! Regardless, it is a fine set and will come in very handy for your next build.

March 2009

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