MiniArt 1/35 German Soldiers at Work (RAD)

KIT #: 35065
PRICE: $15.50 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Set includes five figures

Adding to their growing collection of nice figure sets, this one includes five figures of German soldiers in various poses of work, most if not all of them in a pose that has something to do with building fortifications or digging in. There are two with shovels, one with a pick, one with a wheelbarrow and another with a section of log over his shoulder.

RAD stands for "Reichsarbeitsdienst", the Reich Labor Service. They wore quasi-military uniforms for the 6 months of service. It was to build up the bodies of prospective inductees.  Thanks to those who e-mailed me about this. 

As is typical with figure sets, the assembly and painting guide are on the back of the box. MiniArt provides a number of different paint references so you are sure to find a brand that is local to you. It is the sort of set that diorama folks just love and any of these will add to your next display.

December 2009

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