Masterbox 1/35 Hand to hand fight: German and British Infantry: North Africa
KIT #: MB 3592
PRICE: $20.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Five Figures

This is yet another of Master Box's interesting and a bit off beat figure sets. This one is for British and German soldiers in hand to hand combat somewhere in North Africa. There are two British and three German soldiers in this set. As you can see, it seems the British are the attackers and the Germans the defenders with one German soldier having been knocked out of the way. These are in pairs so to speak with one pair having both armed soldiers clashing their rifles. The other has the British soldier being booted over the top of the German lying on the ground. All of these are on a single, well molded sprue. I have to say that action poses like this are some of what make Master Box stand out from the others.

Master Box figures are well molded and assemble relatively quickly. They are just the thing for various period dioramas.

July 2011

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