Master Box 1/35 Accident: Soviet & Germans - summer 1941
KIT #: MB 3590
PRICE: $19.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Five figures

“Accident. Soviet & German military men, summer 1941”
The kit consists of: 
- 3 figures of Soviet soldiers 
- 2 figures of German soldiers 
The story takes place in summer 1941, 2 military men of the Wehrmacht encountered the group of Soviet soldiers. The vehicle of German military men was damaged. Seeing Soviet soldiers who drawing closer, a driver puts his hands up, but an officer intends to fight, so the end of the story is not clear. 

The first feature of the kit is that Soviet soldiers are equipped with pre-war accoutrements that disappeared very quickly in the first months of the war and then they were almost never used again. The second special appeal of the kit is that the kit is not tied to a specific vehicle and the modeller could choose the model vehicle of his choice. The third feature of the kit is that the figure of the German officer is completed with additional parts that allow for multi pose assembly. 

July 2014

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