Master Box 1/35 'Fraulien, what are you doing today?'

KIT #: MB3570
DECALS: None Provided
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Six figures

No one can doubt that Master Box seems to come up with interesting figure sets. This latest one is an SS officer hitting on a woman soldier in the back of a staff car. The set includes two figures for the front seat, one of which is, of course, the driver (thank you, Mr Obvious). The two in the back are the staff officer and probably his secretary. The fifth figure is the SS officer. There is also an optional rear seat figure which offers a different pose. A nice touch. I did note the look of some disgust on the faces of the two in the front who probably have had to deal with this before.

 As with all Master Box sets, the molding is quite good with painting information and parts assembly on the back of the box in full color. One can use either the box art or the color information on the back of the box to paint these figures. These figures will go particularly well with the spate of staff cars released by Master Box and others.

May 2012

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