Master Box 1/35 Soviet Tank Crew

KIT #: MB3568
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Part of their US Civil War series


Sets like this are always welcome, especially as many armor kits do not come with figures. This set is for a crew from the 1943-1945 time period and offers five different figures. One is a driver, another is a man just sitting on the tank, while yet another is simply leaning up on the side with a leg on what is probably the tracks. There are two figures that involve hatches with the figure on the far right having a second set of arms so that he can be posed with his hands in front of his face, leaning on the hatch. I

It makes for a very useful set of figures that diorama fans will find useful. As usual, the back of the box provides a painting guide in Vallejo and Lifecolor paints with the various parts placement indicated.


This set should find a lot of use by those who want to have their armor crewed.

November 2012

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