Master Box 1/35 "Operation Milk Man"

KIT #: MB 3565
PRICE: $23.00 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

I like that Master Box generally chooses some of the less usual events for their figure sets. Here is one that should moo-ve you to pick it up. It is an udder delight in that it not only includes four German soldier figures and the usual plethora of equipment, but also has three, yes three, different milk-able critters. In addition to the cow shown, there is another with a slightly different pose and to add to it, a goat is provided (for when you can't find a cow).

As is usual with Master Box kits, the parts layout is on the back as is the painting and assembly images; in full color of course. Vallejo color references are provided.

January 2011

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