MasterBox 1/35 Afrika Korps German Tankmen

KIT #: MB 3559
PRICE: $22.50 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Four figures and a donkey


Here is another of MasterBox's fine figure sets and this time we get one that has more than just soldiers. This set includes three Afrika Korps tank crew members in standard desert uniforms, all of them in various poses atop the tanks. In addition, there is a Bedouin riding by on his donkey. First time I've seen this kitted.

The molding on the kit parts is very good as you'd expect from Master Box. Typical also is that all the painting and assembly information is on the back of the box. You get a variety of paint references so you aren't stuck trying to find something locally. I do wish more companies would do this.  


The inclusion of the donkey and Bedouin adds some interest to this set that you don't see elsewhere. The figures are compatible with a variety of vehicles.

February 2010

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