Master Box 1/35 Yankee Scout and Tracker

KIT #: MB3549
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Part of their US Civil War series


This is the first kit of which I'm aware in Master Box's new series on the US Civil War. The kit includes two figures and two horses. The mounted figure is a Union Soldier while the unmounted one is an Indian Tracker. This second figure has his horse nearby while he checks out the ground for signs of troop movement. I'm going to have to assume that this would be in the western US as I'm not sure how many native trackers were used east of the Mississippi.

As you can see, the parts are all on a single sprue with the horses taking up a considerable amount of space. Assembly is shown on the back of the box along with the painting guide, and one has considerable leeway on the tracker's mount in terms of colors and markings. Army horses were mostly chestnut in color. A number of different paint options are provided.


It will be interesting to see what other subjects are in this series and even if the series will resonate with builders enough to have more figure sets dedicated to it. The US Civil War is considered by many to be the first 'modern' conflict.

May 2010

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