Masterbox 1/35 Watchtower
KIT #: MB3546
PRICE: $35.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

 This latest set from MasterBox is something that one saw in almost every military installation of size, and that is a Watchtower. We more commonly think of these being used in prisoner of war camps and that is as much because of the movies as anything. But they were used at a variety of installations, when it was prudent to be sure that no unauthorized people were entering the compound.

This set by MasterBox includes a full tower with a searchlight. There are four figures; two for inside the tower itself and two for outside on patrol. A separate telephone for the guards on the ground is provided. As with almost all figure sets, the construction and painting information is provided on the back of the box, negating the need for regular instructions.

This is a fine and most welcome set that I'm sure will be providing some ideas for dioramas. Hogan's Heroes anyone?

April 2009

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