MasterBox 1/35 'Casualty Evacuation'

KIT #: MB 3541
PRICE: $17.00 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Five figure set


This is the latest figure kit from our friends at MasterBox and continues with their portrayal of less than the norm scenes. This particular set of five figures is from Stalingrad in the summer of 1942 with four figures carrying a wounded companion in what looks to be a section of tent/poncho that was a standard part of every soldier's equipment.

Typical of MasterBox's past sets, this one includes just enough parts to do the scene that is portrayed. All four of the carrying soldiers are similarly equipped with slung rifles and all of the usual packs, canteens and other items. As with most figure sets, there are not any specific instructions with the various parts shown on the back of the box  and a guide as to what bits are for which figure. This one is a bit more difficult than the norm as the figures are shown rather close to each other, but should provide no real problems in assembly. The box shows several paint manufacturers so you are sure to have some of these in your area. A nice touch is that there is a small photograph from the war archives that inspired this particular set.

Another fine set to add to your collection or to use in an upcoming diorama.

My thanks to for the preview set. Get yours today at your local shop or on-line retailer.


January 2009

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