Master Box 1/35 British Paratroopers, WWII

KIT #: MB 3534
PRICE: $14.50 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Kit has Four figures.


This new kit from Masterbox is another set of British paratroops. This time, they are apparently those that arrived by glider and have been injured. This set includes one injured man on the ground being attended to by a doctor with a second soldier already with his arm in a sling. A second uninjured soldier is helping to shorten the downed compatriot's life by offering him tobacco, a common practice during WWII.

As is typical with Masterbox kits, the figures are of multiple parts and on a single sprue. Weapons and other kit are separate. Both assembly and painting instructions are on the back of the box and in full color. A number of paint options are also provided, something I wish all model kit makers would do.

These sorts of sets sell quite well and those who want to model British troops will find this one to be particularly useful.

My thanks to for the preview kit. Get yours today from your local shop or on-line store.

November 2008

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