Master Box 1/35 'Zombie Hunter - Road to Freedom'

KIT #: MB 35175
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Five figures - Motorcycle not included

Once again, Master Box surprises me with another unusual subject. Probably based on 'Resident Evil', the set includes five figures; one is a woman on a motorcycle while the other four are zombies in various stages of ruin. Three of these figures are slowly staggering towards the heroine while the fourth is crawling along the ground. The kit does not include the motorcycle and Master Box includes a list on the back along with the painting guide that provides options from a variety of model companies.

As usual, there is one tan sprue and the kit does include a variety of baggage for the motorcycle. Here is a look at all the figures assembled, but not painted.

An interesting choice and one that fits into a niche that has not yet been explored by others.

October 2014

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