Master Box 1/35 'German Soldier-Bicyclist, 1939-42'

KIT #: MB 35171
PRICE: $23.50 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo etch parts

The kit consists of 3 plastic sprues and one sprue with photo-etched parts allowing the assembling of a figure of a German soldier with a bicycle. This kit is highly detailed and the modeler can assemble it in different configurations depending upon the cargo that is fastened on the bicycle. There is standard variant, carrier of mines, carrier of panzerfaust and carrier of a machine gun. Note that equipment that is included in the kit that is not used will become a good parts source for a “modeler’s collection” and will be rich material for use in other dioramas or on other models as additional accessories. A main feature of the kit is the inclusion of a large number of photo-etched parts that allow assembly of a museum level model. These parts include the spokes, chain and sprocket as well as a number of other small parts. If the modeler does not want to use them, the model looks quite nice without them. The figure of the soldier is expressive and allows for the creation of both an independent vignette or for use with accessories and models of this period from other manufacturers.

An interesting choice and one that fits into a niche that has not yet been explored by many others.

March 2015

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