Masterbox 1/35 "Frau Müller"
KIT #: MB 351667
PRICE: $24.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: One figure and bicycle

Once again, Master Box goes where others do not. This particular kit consists of pretty much one figure and a bicycle. The entire kit is not large and one could probably fit four of them into this box. However, standard boxes are what they are and that explains the overly large container.

Unlike most of Master Box's kits, this one has an actual set of instructions. This is because there is also photo etch included in the kit. While the figure's build instructions are standard MB offerings on the back of the box, the bicycle includes some rather detailed instructions.

Photo etch is used for the spokes, chain and sprocket, chain guard, rear wheel guards, and a few other smaller pieces. I did not notice a kick stand so perhaps that was not something usually found in 1940's German bicycles. The back of the box also provides the usual painting instructions using Vallejo and Lifecolor references.

In all, another neat kit and the way things are done, we may well see other bicycle figure sets.

September 2014

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