Masterbox 1/35 "British and German Soliders - Somme 1916"
KIT #: MB 35158
PRICE: $19.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Six Figures

This is yet another of Master Box's interesting sets. This one is a relatively rare WWI combination of figures. Unlike WWII subjects, the first war doesn't seem to get the sort of interest, but thanks to MB and others, that is slowly turning around.

This particular set contains a total of six figures. These come on a single sprue and thanks to a dearth of accessories required, all fit there with no issues. There are three British soldiers who are in full kit of the time and three Germans. Two of the Germans are carrying a wounded British soldier while a third simply walks along. It was not unusual to have prisoners of war help in the evacuation of wounded as both sides did this

Full painting and assembly instructions are on the back of the box and in full color. Apparently you can do the wounded soldier as either British or German depending on the color you paint his trousers as he is shown as German on the painting guide!

Master Box figures are well molded and assemble relatively quickly. They are just the thing for various period dioramas.

June 2014

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