Masterbox 1/35 Soviet Marines and German Infantry 1941-42: Hand to Hand Combat
KIT #: MB 35152
PRICE: $19.00
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Five Figures

Once more, Master Box comes up with an interesting set that is sure to find favor with diorama modelers. In this case it is a hand to hand fight with Soviet Marines and Germany infantry soldiers. The box art shows them in a foxhole or trench, but it should be effective in pretty much any setting. The kit includes the five figures in poses shown on the box art.

Molded in a tan plastic with two pairs of figures to be placed together and a third running up to assist his comrade, these figures have a good reputation for fit and fidelity. All of the weapons shown are included as are other equipment. Instructions are on the back of the box as is a painting guide using Vallejo and Lifecolor paints.

Master Box figures are well molded and assemble relatively quickly. They are just the thing for various period dioramas.

December 2013

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