Master Box 1/35 Modern US Tankmen in Afghanistan
KIT #: MB 35131
PRICE: $19.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Six figures

This is another rather unusual set from the folks at Master Box. What you have is a group of US tank soldiers trying to purchase a sheep from a local Afghani for use in a BBQ. Two of the soldiers are standing, one holding his helmet under his arm, with the other two posed sticking out of hatches. The local is dressed in the standard garb and the set includes a single sheep. This is all on a single sprue and unlike most of these sets, there is very little in the way of weapons included.

Of course, these figures can be used for a variety of other purposes other than having them together, so you have a variety of situations in which they can be used.

September 2013

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