Masterbox 1/35 "Move, move, move!"
KIT #: MB 35130
PRICE: $23.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Seven Figures

This is yet another of Master Box's well done figure sets. The set consists of seven figures with five of them in various running poses while two others are manning a .30 calibre machine gun. Now the set is supposed to be operation Overlord as one can see from the steel beach obstacle, but I have to say that the positioning is a bit odd as I don't recall any tongues of elevated grassy areas leading into the beach.

However odd the box art might be, the figures themselves are going to be very useful to diorama builders. The figures are all appropriately armed and kitted, so they could really be used in just about any setting from about late 1942 onward. Master Box figures are well molded and assemble relatively quickly. Assembly information and painting info are on the back of the box.  They are just the thing for various period dioramas.

January 2015

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