Masterbox 1/35 British Infantry Weapons: WWII Era
KIT #: MB 35109
PRICE: $19.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

This is another very useful Master Box weapons set, this time it is for British infantry weapons. There are enough different weapons to be quite useful and I know that diorama fans will find this a very nice set.

Starting with the big stuff, there is a VIckers Mk.I medium machine gun with a coolant can and an ammo can that can be built open. A Lewis light machine gun is also included as is the long Boys anti-tank rifle. There are five Sten guns of three different marks. Also of different versions are five Lee-Enfield rifles, some with bayonets. Also included is an Enfield Mk II revolver and a Piat. You even get some tin hats.

These weapons are well molded and are sure to find a place either in a diorama or as part of the equipment carried on a vehicle of some sort.

December 2012

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