Tsukuda 1/20 Nausicaa and Kai








Scott Van Aken




Those of you who have been readers for a while will recall thatI built Nausicaa's gunship back about a year ago. Wellthat kit has done very well on the model show contest, taking some prettyimpressive awards, despite the dodgy fit of the kit. This kit is another in theseries . This one is Nausicaa and her friend/ride, Kai. Now I will repeat that Ihave only a fleeting understanding of what the whole Nausicaa thing is about.For that I'll have to repeat what I put in the gunship review.

NAUSICA─ - She is the daughter of Jiru, the chief of a small kingdom calledthe Valley of the Wind. After Jiru was killed, Nausicań and her troops joinedthe Torumekian force according to a treaty signed long ago. Nausicań meanwhilediscovered that the Decayed Sea cleaned up the contaminated world, and bycommunicating with the Ohmu, the giant insects, she foresaw the coming of agreat disaster. She fights bravely and hopes to witness the coming of a newworld.

Confused?  Me too. If you want to find out more about it, here is a linkthat should be of some help. Rumors have that the movie that was made from this comic series has beenacquired by Disney. Apparently the movie is pretty cool and having it in Englishwill be great.


Let me get into my 'kit description' mode here. "Molded inmedium grey plastic, the detail is very good, despite the age of the kit."There are enough bits to make both Nausicaa and Kai (of course) and the partsare all pretty well molded. Detail is pretty crisp and there is minimal flash onthe bits and pieces. A nice touch is that Tsukuda taped the two trees to a pieceof card to keep them from sloshing about in the box and getting damaged.

Instructions are six construction steps and I'm sure there is apainting guide there somewhere, but I can't read Japanese so I'm pretty cluelessas to what is what color. It seems that most of the kit is Kai, who appears tobe a sort of Roc. I'll let you look up what that is. Consider it your 'learnedsomething new today' session. According to the box art, both Kai and Nausicaaare in mostly blue, though that can easily be changed! There is also a smallcritter that fits on Nausicaa's shoulder. It looks like a.........No, it can' sure looks like a PokÚmon of some sort!!!

Needless to say, no decals with this one either, folks, thoughthere is a stand for Kai so that he won't go falling over! I fully expect thefit of parts to be a dodgy as they were for the gunship. I also expect it todraw as much interest as well!

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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