KIT: Italeri 1/32 Gladiators
KIT #: 6869
PRICE: $21.00 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: semi-soft plastic figures

There come times when I get review kits that I just can't pigeon-hole. This is one of them. I mean, not many of us do 1/32 first and second century gladiators, yet here is just such a set. There are a total of 16 figures on two identical sprues. In addition to various vicious looking combatants, there are some snarling beasts as well; specifically lions and bears.

Some of these figures have additional bits that need to be attached to the various figures. Four of the six human figures are in various attack poses while the other two are just 'hanging out', as if waiting for the outcome of a duel before them. The molding on these figures is first rate and once the seams and pips are removed, should be able to be turned into most realistic models.

There are no instructions with this set, but on the back of the box are some painting suggestions and a listing of Model Master paints that can be used. There are also instructions that the figures should be thoroughly washed to remove mold release material. Just how these are to be cemented is something I'm not sure about for I've never built any of these figures. If you have some insight as to proper glues and paint prep, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Late entry. Some suggestions on painting these have been to use Krylon plastic paint in the spray can as a primer, as well as using the Mr Surfacer range of preps. For gluing, most feel that using pins to hold things in place and super glue are the most effective.

December 2005

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