KIT: Italeri 1/72 American Infantry/Indian Warriors
KIT #: 6060 / 60601
PRICE: $10.00 a set
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken 





So, here is the deal with these. Italeri has been doing these small 1/72 figures for quite a long time. They are popular with wargamers and even more so as they are inexpensive, well detailed and they are pretty flexible. Now I'm not really sure just what they are made of, but it isn't your standard polystrene as there is some flex to them. Obviously they can be cemented as several figures come with bits to be attached at a later date, and I seriously doubt if they are press fit.

These sets consist of three identical sprues, each with 16 figures on them making for a total of ....uh.... 16 times 3 is....48 figures. There are no instructions and on the back of each box are painting instructions showing one figure. The deal is to do them all the same basic way. There is information that states that these figures need to be thoroughly washed before painting. Color information is given with both Model Master acrylic and enamel paints with no indication that either has to be primered first.

The box art is really quite colorful and should be used for inspiration when doing these. I found it interesting that most of the American Infantry troops were blonde.... Oh yes, in the images of the sprues, the Indians are on the right...


These are part of Italeri's "American Independence War" series. The figures are well molded with very nice detailing and should be popular with young and old alike. The kids will be playing with them and doing gruesome things to them in the process, while the adults will calmly line them up on a gaming table and pretend to do gruesome things to them!

August 2005

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