ICM 1/35 Soviet Military Servicewomen 1939/42

KIT #: 35621
PRICE: $13.95 SRP
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Four figures

Most figure sets consist of a bunch of fighting soldiers in various poses. However, only a small percentage of an army actually engages in combat. Most are behind the lines in some sort of support position.

This particular set from ICM is not something I would have thought we would have seen kitted, but it does make for a most interesting display. What you basically have is some frustrated male getting all worked up about the women soldiers hanging up their freshly washed underwear. The set comes with four figures in various poses along with a number of accessories. Since there are no weapons in the set, that has been replaced by a wooden table, bench, record player, samovar, underwear, and poles. In addition, the seated woman is writing in a journal of some sort and that is also included.

Unlike many of ICM's figure sets, this one comes in a standard box with a lid containing the single sprue and a set of painting and assembly diagrams. The molding is quite good and this will make for a most interesting diorama when complete.

July 2012

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