Kit: Miss Cupid

Scale: 80mm

Kit Number: BX 54

Manufacturer: Phoenix "Phollies"

Price: $33.00

Media: White Metal

Decals: None

Reviewer: Scott Van Aken

Date of Review: 28 August 1997

Another in the series of Phoenix white metal figures of semi nude women.  This kit comprised of eight parts of which one was the stand.  The arms and legs attach at locations where there is jewelry or clothing to help hide the join.  As with all of Phoenix kits, there is some preparation that needs to be done.  Specifically, the mold line needs removed from all parts and there are always a few pinholes that need to be filled with body putty (no pun intended).

After all the blemishes are removed, it is time to assemble the kit.  There are pins and sockets for the arms and legs although some cleaning up of the sockets or pins in needed to get a good fit.  Dry fitting is required for these type of kits else you'll end up having to putty the joins.  Superglue or epoxy is suggested and I have found superglue to be a superior method of assembly as the epoxy give the parts time to misalign and can be difficult to paint over.  Once the kit is assembled (I left the bow and arrows until after painting), it is time for a primer.  Floquil makes a white primer for metals that is perfect for these kits.

The most difficult part of these for me is painting.  Since there is so much skin, it is imperative that it look good. Frankly I am not good at the various innuendos and shadings so tend to just paint it one color and let ambient light do the shading for me. Not very professional, but it does work. For this kit, some white was used for highlights.  The paint itself if Gunze Sangyo Acrylics mixed to give the right tone.  For my next figure I will be using artists acrylics just to see how they work.

Her shoes, scabbard (?), and g-string are deep metallic red with gold trim, while the arrows and bow are brown as is her hair and eyebrows.  For this photo, I simply set her in the tall clover and it turned out to be a pretty nice shot.

If you are in to these types of figures, give the Phoenix ones a try.

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