Carter & Crowley Ltd 1/35 German tank crew -Winter Gear




$12.95 ($11.97 at Squadron)




Scott Van Aken


Resin, upper torso figures


This set is basically your German tank crew of commander, driver and radio operator. They are all bundled up in their winter gear and set to place in your next Tiger or Panther tank! The commander's figure is the largest and comes with a separate head and arms so that he can be properly posed sticking out of the turret hatch. The other two figures are basically just busts as they will be peering out of the smaller hatches in the forward hull of the tank. The figures are very well cast and have handy resin pour stubs that will double nicely as bases should you choose to just leave them the way they are. Or they will make nice hand holds so that you can paint them without any worries about where to put them while drying.


Considering the very reasonable price for these three figures, they should sell well and will add some life to your next armor project.

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