Bronco 1/35 WWII British Pheasant Anti-Tank Gun Crew

KIT #: CB 35135
PRICE: $20.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Five Figures

This latest figure set from Bronco is for a crew on a British 17/25pnd 'Pheasant' anti-tank gun. The time period would be from about 1943 until the end of the war as it is listed as being for Tunisia, Sicily and Italy. It is pretty typical for Bronco to offer gun crews for their artillery kits and this particular set includes five figures. Those are a gun commander (who has an alternate tin hat if you do not want to use the cap shown) two loaders, a man to operate the breech and a gun aimer.ell as two ammunition handlers.

Like all Bronco figures, these are very well molded with the appropriate clothing for the period. Full building and painting instructions are printed on the back of the box with a number of different paint manufacturers included. Overall, it makes for a most useful set.

September 2012

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