Kit: Tribal Bodyguard

Scale: 80mm

Kit Number: FX 5

Manufacturer: Phoenix

Price $24.95

Media: White metal

Decals: None

Date of Review: 5 January, 1997

Well, here is another one of those semi-clad figurines that I have told you about before.  For a sexist pig like myself, they are a different way to kick back from regular modeling. As you might have guessed these are not normally very parts intensive. This kit consists of a base, most of the figure, two arms, two earrings, the spear and the top decoration. The biggest hassle with these is preparation. Most have seam lines that must be removed and they often fall on areas that are difficult to get to. Often you will get a figure that needs filler. These kits are not hollow so often are plagued by air pockets and bubbles in the molten metal as they are molded.

Once the figure is cleaned, it is assembled. I use superglue and others have done well with epoxy, although I find the long drying time a problem. It is also difficult to paint over any bare epoxy. I have always had t use a tiny amount of filler to take care of gaps where the metal parts have been joined. Once the kit is built, then it is primed. I use Floquil's metal primer (white) as it is the perfect base for these figurines.

I mentioned in another review, that I am not good at all the highlighting and shading that is the mark of a superb figure painter. I have built probably 50 figures (most of them 54mm), and still do not have the knack. So I generally paint a sold color and let the ambient light provide the shadings.  That is what I did with this.  I used a Gunze chocolate brown, lightened with some tan to give a nice color. The other parts, loincloth, spear, jewelry, were painted with regular enamels and a very fine brush.

The results are pleasing enough.  I still have one in the works, but it is a slow process as I am going to try artist's acrylics this time.  We'll see.  If you haven't tried one, give it a whirl for a change.

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