Fujimi 1/72 Flight Deck Crew




$14.95 MSRP




Scott Van Aken


Set #2 with fire engine


The flight deck of an aircraft carrier is one of the most dangerous places in the world to work. There is constant danger of being ingested into the intake of a jet or knocked overboard by the blast of an engine. You can also be sliced in half by an arresting wire breaking while under tension or be injured in a myriad of other ways. Thanks to intensive training, rarely does anyone get seriously damaged during normal ops, but it is a case of always being aware of what is around you and keeping your head out of your ass.

Nothing can be accomplished without a veritable army of people up there to ensure that flight operations go smoothly, or if something does go amiss, can be rectified in the shortest time possible. In addition to the crews of the aircraft there are fuelers, plane handlers and directors, troubleshooters, safety personnel and fire fighters, each with a job to do and able to accomplish that task in what really is a ballet of motion.



This kit includes 1/72 figures to go along with any USN flight deck diorama that you may wish to build. The uniforms and equipment are more geared towards the last 20 years or so than a Vietnam era or earlier scene as the cranials (head protection) worn by flight deck personnel are a relatively recent safety addition and really determine the era of the figures.

You get 12 figures and a fire truck in this set. The truck is a newer type that is painted white with red markings and two of the figures are attired for fire fighting. Other figures are for plane handlers and directors as well as launch and recovery crew. Two pilot figures are also included; one with helmet in hand and the other wearing the helmet and carrying a manuals bag. To show that this is a modern set, one of the figures is female, a sight not seen when I entered the Navy back in the late 1960s.  About half of the figures are one piece while others have separate arms. The fire truck includes an operator and consists of about half the plastic in the set. There is a small decal sheet that is mostly for the fire truck. The instructions include a painting guide so you can get the various jerseys the correct color.


If you want more than a plane on a base, then this set is something you really should look into getting. It will make your simple model into an action diorama.

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