KIT: Italeri 1/72 French Grenadiers and Russian Infantry
KIT #: 6072 & 6073
PRICE: $10.00 a set
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken



This particular pair of figure sets is from Italeri's "Napoleonic Wars" collection and consists of French Grenadiers (the blue figures) and Russian Infantry (the tan figures). As you can see, there are basically two sprues, each with a number of often identical figures to make the 48 - 50 figures in each set. These figures are quite popular with war-gamers and their size is such that they are small enough to have a lot of them and large enough to move rather easily.

They are made of a somewhat flexible plastic that really isn't your standard polystyrene. The set comes with no instructions, but there is a painting guide on the back of the box with Model Master acrylic and enamel paints listed. There is a recommendation that these figures be thoroughly washed (degreased they call it) in detergents before any attempt to paint them. The painting guide shows one figure for general reference and you can use the box art to provide other inspirations.


Whether you are a war gamer or just a kid that wants some 'army men' these sets are well molded, well detailed and fairly priced. The hobby shop I go to sells out of these kinds of things with great speed so there is obviously a demand. 

August 2005

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