Dragon Armor 1/72 Jagdpanther (early)

SUBJECT Dragon Armor 1/72 Jagdpanther (early)
MODEL #: 60037
PRICE: About $20.00 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Pre assembled and painted.


A heavy tank destroyer design based on the 88 mm Pak 43 gun and the Panther tank chassis was ordered in late 1942 as design SdKfz 173. Production started in early 1944; at the same time Hitler specified the Jagdpanther ("hunting panther") name.

To accommodate the gun, the sides of the Panther tank were extended up to provide a roomy interior, while maintaining a very low profile. Both the Panther Ausf. G and Jagdpanther had side armor of increased elevation to enhance this effect even further and to harmonize production.

It was armed with an anti-tank version of the same long-barreled 88 mm gun as the Tiger II and a 7.92 mm MG-34 machine gun in the front glacis plate for local defence. The Jagdpanther had a good power-to-weight ratio and a powerful main gun, enabling it to destroy any type of Allied tank. The Jagdpanther's low profile meant that it was easily camouflaged. Because it was based on the existing Panther chassis, the vehicle did not suffer too many mechanical problems. It was manned by a crew of 5, a driver, radio-operator, commander, gunner, and a loader.

Two variants can be distinguished, one with a welded steel band around the main gun mantlet and the other with a bolted-on band. The versions with the bolted-on ring were equipped with Pak 43/4 gun. Early Jagdpanthers had a monobloc gun barrel and two vision openings for the driver, whereas late versions had only one.

Like Dragon's other full built offerings, this one has a cast hull with plastic parts attached to it. Basically it is the model kit on a metal hull. However, this one is fully painted and ready to display or use in wargaming or making tank sounds while sliding it along the floor. The painting is really first rate. Not only have they hit the colors and camo just right, but the model has been fully dry-brushed to bring out all the detailing. While most of us would clean up the parts and scrape seams prior to assembling and painting, the overall effect is one of a nicely done model.


Now I realize that not everyone reading this will find these to be something they'd like, but one never really knows. For one thing, they are reasonably priced when you consider that for about $5 more than the kit, you get a fully assembled and painted product.

February 2008

My thanks to www.dragonmodelsusa.com for the review kit. Get yours today at your local hobby shop or ask them to order it in for you.

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