Revell Yak-25 Flashlight




$1.00 in 1964


One aircraft


Scott Van Aken


Long OOP. 1964 issue.


The Yak-25 was developed as a twin jet interceptor. It basically saved the Yakovlev design bureau as they had fallen from favor after the relative failure of their single seat jet fighters. The Yak-25 was progressively developed over the years and the final versions bore only a general resemblance to the first prototypes. It was later developed into a number of different variants including a photo reconnaissance version, and a high altitude version with extremely long, wide, straight wings similar to the RB-57s.



Revell's kit shows all of the 'requirements' of the day in the form of separate control surfaces. The kit was originally released in the late 1950's as part of their 'S' series, but this kit has no display stand. Like most Soviet aircraft being modeled during those times, this is basically the prototype or Yak-120. The kit itself has a cockpit with the seats already molded in place and two pilot figures. It is what we now call box scale, but appears to be relatively close to 1/72 scale, judging by the size of the figures.

The locations for the major decals are molded on the plastic, though it is very lightly raised detail and could easily be sanded off. There is really no detail at all in the wheel wells and the shape of some of the parts is suspect, especially the engine nacelles.  But you must realize that they had little to go from and certainly no official blueprints!

Instructions are typical of the time, giving several construction steps and generic color info. As with all Soviet aircraft of the period, it is bare metal and red stars. Any trim is also in red. The decals are basically useless and have yellowed rather badly in the last 35 years, but finding replacements should not be much of a challenge. Considering how much this kit has been banged around, I'm surprised to find so many parts still on the sprues. The very tip of the tail on the right fuselage half is gone on my example, but repair work should be very simple.


This really is not a serious kit for most modelers. It is the kind of thing that a collector would want or perhaps someone who just wants to build something a bit different. While I wouldn't rule out someone eventually doing this aircraft again, I'm not holding my breath waiting!

Review kit courtesy of my kit collection.

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