Monogram 1/48 T-6D

Kit Number: 5306?

Price: $7.00

Media: Injected plastic

Decals : none

Accuracy: spot on

Overall: see review

Comments: This kit was one of Squadron's bagged specials so came with no decals and no instructions. The instructions part was not a problem as "real men modelers don't need no stinking instructions". It also gave me a chance to build a T-6D `Mosquito' spotting aircraft from the Korean War using Superscale's super decal sheet.

The kit was really rather easy to build, although it went a bit slower than usual as I was constantly test fitting parts before gluing them. As with all my 1/48 kits, I put in Reheat instrument decals. I left off the rear and front guns as well as the gear doors and radio mast. I decided to leave off the rear instrument panel until the interior was completed. Bad idea as it was impossible to fit it in the framework after the glue set. I cut the framework apart to get the panel in.

As with all Monogram kits, it was pretty easy to build. I ran into no real fit problems that I did not create myself. The Korean War version is overall natural metal or aluminum with a black underside. I ensured that there was a bare metal surround to all the underside insignia by putting down insignia the next size, painting over it, and pulling the decals up. It worked great. There is also a black/yellow cowling and big red and yellow stripes around the wings to add some real color to it.

I don't know when this will be released again, but it is a great kit and when it comes available, I would recommend getting several.

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