Pegasus 1/72 Seafang F.32

Kit Number: 009

Price: $10.00

Media: Short Run Injected Plastic with white metal

Decals: One version: Spiteful prototype

Reviewer: Scott Van Aken

Date of Review: 27 August 1997

The Seafang was the very last of the  Spitfire line that started with the Spitfire I in the late 30's.  Designed as a naval version of the Spiteful, it incorporated all the Spiteful's design and included a tail hook and contra-rotating propeller similar to the Seafire FR.47. Unfortunately, the jet age had arrived and the Seafang was limited to just a few aircraft. The Seafang and sister Spiteful aircraft did serve a useful purpose as test aircraft, especially as their new laminar flow wing was to be used on future jet fighters such as the Attacker.

Pegaus's kit is typical of limited run kits with large gates, thick, soft plastic, white metal parts and the need to supply some of the parts from your parts bin. The interior is adequate, but frankly, the ultra thick and relatively opaque canopy make any real efforts here wasted. All the plastic items need careful removal from the trees, a saw being the best method. Surface detail is rather good, being finely engraved lines.  This is good as may of these lines will be lost during the inevitable puttying and sanding that is required when building these kits.

Since the plastic is so thick it is not uncommon to have problems with sink areas and I found some on the wings.  An easy fix with some putty. The wings are of one piece and, like the fin and horizontal stabilizers, is a butt fit so careful attention needs to be paid to the joining surfaces.  The fuselage does need to have its mating surfaces sanded down to ensure proper fit.  Items that will have to be made are the gear doors and pitot tubes.  Fortunately, Pegasus has supplied a template for these items as well as a good three-view diagram.  The wing cannon are simply glued into a cutout on the wings.  I did have problems with the canopy as it was not a good fit. Comparing the kit canopy with photos I noticed that the windscreen section is longer than that of the actual aircraft.  I don't know how to fix this problem without making a mold and redoing the canopy from scratch.  I left mine alone.

White metal parts that came with the kit are control column, exhaust stacks, wheels and main gear. I used the parts box for the stinger hook (which broke off within a few weeks) and tail wheel (the kit part was just not very good).  Since this was to be a Seafang and not a Spiteful, I needed the long undernose intake and a contra-rotating prop. The kit provides a 5 bladed prop and small intake.  I purchased an Aeroclub contra-rotating prop designed for the Seafire FR.47 and robbed a Rarelplanes vacuform kit for the long intake.

The kit was painted Dark Sea Grey over Sky and various Modeldecal sheets were used for the insignia and serial numbers so that I could duplicate VG475, the lone Seafang F.32. Overall a very satisfying kit and I bet you don't know anyone else with a 1/72 Seafang model!

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