G.W.H. 1/144 TSR.2

KIT #: L1003
PRICE: $43.00 SRP
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


There are a ton of websites dedicated to the TSR.2 if you really want detailed information on this aircraft. In brief, during the late 1950s, it was thought that aircraft would be obsolete for defense as well as offense, with missiles taking over in those categories. It was also a time of budget constraints and in several nations there were projects that were most promising, but due to either a lack of perceived need (missiles can do it better and cheaper) or a lack of willingness on the part of the government in question to go the full course in funding the project, these projects were left to die when at a very advanced stage.

In Canada it was the CF-105 Arrow and in the UK it was the TSR.2 that felt the death blow of a very promising and capable aircraft. While it is often easy to blame the politicians for the loss of these projects, in these cases, it was very much their fault for not having the foresight to provide for what would have been exemplary aircraft. In the long run, it ended up costing much more for replacements and the nation in question lost a great deal in terms of prestige and local employment and engineering skills which went elsewhere (often outside the country) when the projects died.    


Adding to their small line of 1/144 military types is this new kit of the TSR.2. After decades of nothing but vacuforms and the occasional resin kit, we have now had all the major airplane scales covered with the exception of 1/32 scale.

Molded in white plastic, those thinking this will be a quick build will be surprised at the parts count. The folks at GWH have thought this one out. There is a cockpit of sorts with space for two seats and instrument panels. A pair of crew members are also included in case one wants to put the model on a stand. The included stand seems rather small for the plane so you might want to weight it. Separate canopies for the two crew are also included and you could pose them up if you wished.

You can pose the speed brakes up or down and the kit comes with separate ailerons/flaps, but I doubt you can pose those deployed. Interestingly, the engine intakes and wheel wells are installed after most of the airframe is already together, something a bit unusual in the way kits are constructed. The kit also has a full weapons bay and includes a bomb to fit in there. THere also seems to be a cover for the bay in case you want that closed. Landing gear are quite detailed for the small so painting those tiny tires will take a steady hand. Since it does have a stand, you can build it gear up. The stand attachment point is almost behind the wings and so a lot of model will be sticking out over the mounting point. This may require some weight in the tail to balance things, but that is just a guess.

Instructions are well done and offer what appear to be Gunze paints in the color references. Markings are provided for three aircraft. Only XR219 actually flew. XR220 was nearly flight ready and XR 222 was one of those pretty much complete when the program was cancelled. The latter two are in museums.


Nice to see this aircraft done in this scale. Together with Dragon, those who like experimental and prototype aircraft will have another to add to the collection. Generally, a company will do a kit in hopes of doing other boxings. Unless they do 'what if' types, this is pretty much it. One thing for sure, it won't overwhelm your display shelf as does even the 1/72 version.


Thanks to www.dragonmodel.usa.com for the preview kit. You can find this kit at your favorite hobby shop or on-line retailer

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