KIT: Anigrand 1/72 X-7/8/9/17 missile set
KIT #: AA 2072
PRICE: $64.00 MSRP from Anigrand USA
DECALS: Yes. See review
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin kits


Lockheed X-7: In 1946, the U.S. Air Force called for studies regarding the development of high speed ramjet powered missiles. Lockheed was selected to develop an unmanned test bed which it designated X-7. The first flight took place in 1951. The X-7 program was successful in that it  generated considerable ramjet data for the Boeing Bomarc missile defense system and D-21 drone.

Aerojet General X-8 Aerobee: In 1945, after the end of WWII,  the U.S. Army called for a program to use captured V-2 rockets and additional lightened rockets for various tests. Aerojet was selected to build the vehicle that became the X-8 program. The first X-8 was flown in 1947. It carried more than 1000 payloads into the upper atmosphere, and was finally retired in 1985.

Bell X-9 Shrike: In 1945, due to the significant losses suffered by Allied bomber forces, the Army Air Force published  its characteristics for an air-to-surface stand-off missile. In 1946, Bell received a contract to develop a prototype version of the missile, with the program designated as X-9. The first flight was took place in 1950. It verified the basic aerodynamic configuration of what would eventually become the GAM-63 'Rascal' missile.

Lockheed X-17: In 1954, as the various ICBM programs got underway, the USAF and Navy needed a research vehicle to test reentry vehicle design. In 1955, Lockheed created a missile division and was picked up by the Air Force as contractor. The new 3-staged rocket vehicle, designated X-17, was submitted to meet the requirement. The first flight was took place in 1956. Its contributions to reentry vehicle technology essentially served as the data base for all related research that followed.


Anigrand has provided four nicely done missile prototypes, all in Anigrand's usual tan resin, all with engraved detailing and all with some sort of stand. Inspection of the parts shows that there is the usual flash that on associates with any resin kit. I also found some relatively large resin gates that will have to be carefully removed from some of the smaller bits to prevent chunking. There was no problem seen on any of the missile bodies in terms of mold slip, something that could well ruin a project like this. I did see a few pinholes, but these seemed to all be on one part, the intake to the engine of the X-7 kit. Fixing it should provide no problems for those who are into resin kits. A nice touch is that each separate vehicle is in its own separate zip-lock bag.

The instructions continue with Anigrand's photo-realistic 3D presentation. Personally, I found the exploded view to be a much easier way to see where the various bits are to be assembled. The photo style isn't as clear to me as the drawings and were any of these kits to be complex, it would be a real chore to see where things go. I'm not sure why Anigrand did this, but perhaps they should either rethink things, or also include an easy to see drawing. I've scanned the X-7 construction drawing so you can see what I mean. The kit also includes two small decal sheets for use with these rockets. The painting and decal guide are well drawn and you also have the box top photos to help out if needed. Predominately, these vehicles are white, though the X-7 and X-8 can be overall red and the X-9 is quite colorful. I'd be willing to bet that the red band on the X-9 is da-glo red, though I'm not sure about the X-7. Anigrand's decals work well so should provide no problems in construction.


So there you have it, four vehicles that you absolutely have to have in order to help complete your X-plane collection. They are not going to be difficult to build and you don't have to sweat masking canopies. It is one that would be very good for a beginner and those who are into real space.

May 2007

My thanks toAnigrand USA/Nostalgic Plastic for the preview kit. Get yours today and pay no shipping in the US or Canada.

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