MAC 1/72 JB-2 Loon




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Two aircraft


Scott Van Aken


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Those of you who are into missiles know that after the war, the Fi-103 (V-1) was copied and used by the USAF and USN as a cruise missile. The aircraft were improved somewhat and though some German airframes/engines were used, most were produced by US companies. Overseas, the French, Russians and Swedes also built and used the V-1 for a number of years.

In the US, those not used as actual weapons were used as either target drones or as test vehicles. The USAF called them the JB-2  and the USN referred to them as the LVT-2-N. Though they were given the name Loon, often they were just called buzz bombs or V-1s.

There were differences in the pylon holding the front of the engine in US built versions that are the easiest feature to distinguish. The engine housing shape of those built by Ford is said by some to be a bit different. Some 'V-1' missiles on display are actually US built Loons.


This is exactly the same kit as that which is boxed as the V-1. Difference is the nose cone and decals. This boxing has the more bullet shaped nose without that weird curve that the German version contains. The kit has the proper engine pylon though the engine housings themselves are the same. Though it also includes the German ground handling dolly, this version is supposed to use a launching rack as shown on the box art. The launch assembly uses JATO rocket bottles rather than the compressed air of the V-1.

The etched metal fret is the same as with the V-1, however the decal options are different. This kit has two options. One is for an overall sea blue US Navy version. The other, more colorful version is the USAF one from Alamagordo, NM. It is overall  white with black engine and elevators. Some Loons were also painted overall yellow. I'm not sure of a reference for this aircraft, but if a reader knows of one, it will be appreciated as there were other schemes that the Loon flew in.




As with the previous incarnations of this kit, it should be a very easy build as it appears to offer no hassles. The end result will be a most colorful model and one that should draw comments from friends. I'll let you know as this baby is now on the work bench!

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