F-5F 840456 #30

This a/c starts the F model numbering sequence. It is a very late model ex-USAF machine, with all the usual equipment options. It was originally painted in an overall ghost gray scheme. It has since been painted in the "gray tiger" scheme. I believe it was the second a/c painted in this scheme, following #06 to the paint booth. At one time, while serving with the Saints, it was painted in an overall gloss black scheme like 160792, but had yellow and red flames coming off the nose, intakes, and wing & tail leading edge's. It looked like someone's hot rod!

F-5F 160965 #31

Now here is a real Navy veteran! This "family model" traces its lineage all the way back to the heyday of adversaries, having served with Top Gun at Miramar in the early to late 80's as their #47. This is the same a/c a depicted on the cover of Monograms 48th F-5F kit. Accordingly, it has the Navy modifications including wing LEXs, duckbill nose, and no tail top antenna.

It is painted in a three gray scheme that appears to be loosely based on the USAFs "New Blue" pattern.

F-5F 160966 #32

This is another old Top Gun bird tracing its roots to their famous ramp at Miramar. As Top Gun #50 it was at first painted in an overall silver scheme, then later, a Viggen style scheme with colors similar to VFC-13 #30. Decals for #50's scheme are available on Superscale sheets # 72-544, 48-317, and 32-53.

As Saints #32 it is painted in a two-tone gray wrap-around scheme. The colors appear to be the same as used on F-5E #12, but the pattern is completely different.


This wraps up part one of my look at NAS Fallon adversaries today. Again, this is not meant to be an all-inclusive work, but rather to give us modelers some idea's to work with.

Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of update sets for kits of these aircraft. There are no Saints decals that I know of at all. I have provided most of these photos to Armagan at CAM, who assures me that decals are in the works. I've got my fingers crossed!

Feel free to use these photos for reference, or wallpaper. If you post them on a site, please be kind enough to credit the photographer. Unaccredited photos were taken by me, Fred Krause, others as noted were taken by my UK based buddy Peter Rolt.

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