F-5E s/n 741554 #11

This ex-USAF aggressors paint scheme follows the pattern for the "new blue" scheme, but it looks as if three grays have been substituted for three blues. It may just be a well worn coat of "new blue", but its hard to tell.

F-5E s/n 741556 #12

This ex-USAF machine is painted in a simple wrap-around two-tone gray scheme. The colors look like they might be Gull Gray, and Dark Gull Gray.

F-5E s/n 741558 #13

Another ex-USAF a/c, this Tiger is painted in a two-tone wrap-around light tan, and dark tan scheme.

F-5E s/n 741564 #14

Still another Ex-USAF Tiger, #14 is painted in a three-tone gray wrap-around scheme. Note that in the photo of the left side of the aircraft, dated 5-1-99, the stencils, and some markings are negative. In the photo of the right side, taken 9-7-00, these have been repainted in black. It does not appear as if the a/c got a new paint job, though.

F-5E 741568 #15

The last of the Saints ex-USAF birds, #15 still retains its "New Blue" paint scheme, although due to retouching certain area's of the paint, there appears to be more than just three colors in the scheme.

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