F-5E s/n 721387 #00

This is one of the oldest Tigers in service with the Saints. It is an ex-USAF machine, and retains the old style "round" nose cone, rudder top antenna, and has no wing LEXs. At first glance it appears to be in a two-tone gray scheme. Closer inspection, however, reveals that it is in the USAF "new blue" scheme of three blues. The paint has faded so much that it is hard to tell, though. Note the recently replaced chromate green horizontal stabilizer.

F-5E s/n 730865 #01

Probably the oldest E model serving with the Saints is this ex-USAF a/c. It is painted in a two tone gray, whose pattern loosely follows that of the USAF "new ghost" scheme, but the grays are different. Both photos by Peter Rolt.

F-5E s/n? #02

I saw this a/c for the first time in 9-00. I was unable to photograph it, as it was in a hanger undergoing maintenance. It is painted in a brown and tan tiger stripe scheme, similar to #23. (No photo available)

F-5E 74-1530  #03

This is another ex-USAF a/c with the rudder top antenna, round nose cone, and no wing LEXs. The of the left side was taken by Peter Rolt.

F-5E 741536 #04

Another ex-USAF a/c with the standard USAF/early F-5 options. In the first picture, dated 4-30-99, the a/c is painted in what looks to be a Dark Ghost Gray and blue scheme that does not appear to wrap-around the underside. Less than a year later on 4-3-00 it was painted in the tiger stripe scheme. The colors look to be Dark Ghost Gray, and Gunship Gray, and do wrap-around.

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