Ultracast 1/48 Typhoon stuff


1/48 Hasegawa kit


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Scott Van Aken


S&H on these items is US$4.00 /CDN$5.50


Once more the fine folks at Ultracast have sent in their latest and greatestin resin aftermarket bits for some of your favourite aircraft. This particularbatch is for the Hasegawa 1/48 Typhoon, though I would bet that they would alsofit the Monogram kit without too much trouble.

First item is 48072, a pair of Mid-Late war seats with the Q-type harness.These sell for US$7.95/CDN$9.95 and you get two beautifully molded seats. Onereally nice touch is that there is no huge lump of resin to remove. Ultracasthas a

Next are some resin wheels, item # 48073. These are flattened but not bulgedso look much nicer. You'll also note that they have valve stems, an item that isnot found on all resin wheels. These sell for US$4.95/CDN$5.95 a set.


The third 'Tiffie'item is 48074, a new four-bladed prop and spinner. This set has a complete prophub (including the backing plate) and four beautifully molded prop blades. Thehub is keyed so that it is impossible to get the blades in at the wrong angles.I only wish that kit props and spinners were so accurate. This set sells forUS$8.55/CDN$10.95. 

Any or all of these sets will look great on your next Typhoon kit!

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Ultracast. Visit them at their website.

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